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Our Products




We provide various medical and cosmeceutical skin care products that act synergistically with our anti-aging laser treatments. An individualized home care regimen is recommended to accelerate the benefits of your treatments and improve your results. We carry the following product lines:

  • ZO Medical: Therapeutic Solutions
    • Products, protocols, and treatments provided by skincare professionals for a wide range of skin disorders and chronic conditions
  • ZO Skin Health: Daily and Preventive Skincare
    • A comprehensive array of products maintain the results of therapeutic treatments and support daily skin health and protection for the environment



 Image Skincare is a clinical skincare line with safe, proven ingredients and botanicals for your healthiest skin ever.

  • Image Skincare treats sun damage, acne, aging and rosacea skin conditions.
  • Image “Age Later” program includes

Diet: AHAs/BHAs, Retinols, Peptides, Stem Cells, Brightening Agents, Antioxidants, and SPF Moisturizers

Exercise: A series of professional resurfacing treatments every two weeks

Maintenance: Maintenance resurfacing treatment is recommended every month to six weeks for optimal skin health